User Guide Google G Suite Backup

  Google Apps backup
  1. Open in your browser

2. Click Sign in to services. Select the service you want to sign in.

3. Sign in the service

4. On the Dashboard page, click Mail and you will be redirected to the Mail backup page.

5. Currently, there are no items to display because we have not yet performed the backup.

6. You can manually backup the user quickly. Click the Backup now button. Give it a moment to finish backing up and then you can refresh the page.

7. Now you will see a list of all emails that have been backed up.

8. You can sort messages by email folder.

9. You can see the email subject, who sent them, who received the emails, the date, the archive date, the size.

10. Click the drop-down arrow next to the email subject and you can see a quick preview of the email contents including text and images.

11. Click this button and email will open in a separate browser window.

12. Now that your email has been backed up you can restore any message to your Gmail account. Click any email to select it and then click the Restore button drop-down and choose Restore Selected Messages. The email now will be restored to your email account. Log into your email account and navigate to the Restore folder and here you can see the email we just restored.

13. Your google drive has been backed up together with emails. Click the Drive page. You will see a list of your Google Drive items. Each item contains a list of revisions. Each revision can be downloaded on your computer. In order to accomplish that, left-click a revision that you want to download.

14. Click Contacts. You will see a list of your Google Contacts. Each contact contains a list of revisions.

15. Click Calendar. Click the Backup now button. The backup will start automatically. Once it is finished you will see all the Google Calendar events that have been backed up.


The backup is scheduled to run at least 4 times a day automatically